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The objectives of this University are:

  • To evolve and impart comprehensive legal education including distant and continuing legal education at all levels to achieve excellence.
  • To organize advance studies and promote research in all branches of law
  • To disseminate legal knowledge and legal processes and their role in national development by organizing lectures, seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences.
  • To promote cultural, legal and ethical values with a view to promote and foster the rule oflaw and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India
  • To improve the ability with a view to analyse and present for the benefit of the public, contemporary issues of public, concern and their legal implications
  • To liaise with the institutions of higher learning and research in India and abroad
  • To publish periodicals, treatises, study books, reports, journals and other literature on all subjects relating to law.
  • To hold examinations and confer degrees and other academic distinctions
  • To promote legal awareness in the community for achieving social, economic and political justice.
  • To undertake study and training projects relating to laws, legislations and judicial institutions.
  • To do all such things as are incidental, necessary or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objectives of the University.
  • To build a cadre of rural legal practitioners and assist in justice delivery system

MNLU Mumbai shall strive to bring to the frontline to those students who have been staying behind within the brackets of reserved category. MNLU Mumbai will take pride in its making of an institution, and legal education model, if the disadvantaged category of students when they would be going out, they shall take up the key portfolios of nation building and provide the necessary leadership that the country deserves. We are committed to reach to the last student of the class and observe how he/she flourishes.

Maharashtra State has a great concentration and variety of tribal population. We wish to address these communities to avail the constitutional opportunity that has been assigned to them and compete to join MNLU Mumbai. MNLU Mumbai will be considering gauging the aptitude of the students for taking positions after completion of the course to join back the rural soil and provide advocacy and act as a catalyst in justice deliverance. During the course emphasis will be given to provide stipend, skill training and learning though a customized pedagogy for ‘preparing rural legal practitioners’ to such limited few. For this purpose we garner and pin our hopes from the streams of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas and Kendriya Vidyalyas within Maharashtra as binding responsibility; the teaching fraternity at the institutions are requested to impress our desire to welcome those aspirants from such alma mater.