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The inception of the Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai Library took place on 1 August 2015 with the inaugural of its parent organization Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai. Initially, the library was operational on the first floor of the hostel building for the convenience of the students. Subsequently the library shifted to the first floor of the campus building where the legacy of the propagation of the knowledge has continued. The library strives to become the knowledge hub and centre for learning by disseminating information to its users, assisting in curriculum development and research activities to recreate and record knowledge. The library is supported and guided by committed members of the Library Committee for its administrative and decision making purposes. The members of library committee are experienced professors, teachers, professional library staff and also include student representatives.

Following are the members of Library Committee:

1. Prof. (Dr.) Ashok Kumar Srivastava Chairman
2. Dr. Nilamber Chhetri Librarian
3. Prof. Sajid Sheikh Member
4. Dr. Upamanyu Sengupta Member
5. Ms. Suhasini Kamble, Member Convener
6. Ms. Sanchita Chougule Member
7. Mr. Pratap Chavan Member
8. Mr. Aditya Gupta Student Invitee
9. Ms. Natasha Kavalakkat Student Invitee
10. Mr. Piyush Langade Student Invitee
11. Ms. Sayali Meshram Student Invitee
12. Ms. Parina Muchhala Student Invitee
13. Mr. Anmol Agarwal Student Invitee
Library Staff:
1. Ms. Suhasini Kamble (Library Assistant)
2. Ms. Sanchita Chougule (Library Assistant)
3. Mr. Pratap Chavan (Library Assistant)

The air conditioned university library has more than 3600 books and over 700 back volume journals / Law Reports, including Supreme Court Cases, All England Law Reports, The Law Reports Appeal Cases, Weekly law Reports, Halsbury Laws of England, Manuals, Commentaries, Indian Journal of International Law, American International Law Cases, All India Report, Bank CLR etc. The Library has a subscription of various newspapers and magazines in three different languages, i.e., English, Hindi and Marathi. The resources of the library are being upgraded day by day.

Recently, the library purchased precious books on ancient Hindu law, including Dharmasutras, Manusmriti, Naradasmriti, history of Dharmasastra and Arthashastra for the benefit of students studying Family Law and Philosophy of Law courses. Further, the library has secured online access to SCC Online and Hein Online for all the students and faculty. Recently, the University has joined e-Shodh Sindhu Information and Library Network Centre (an autonomous Inter-University Centre of UGC) as its Associate Member. Moreover, Koha – a popular library software – has been installed recently for library automation. The library is computerized, and has a scanner and printer for barcoding and circulation.

The university has also been fortunate enough to host a collection of antique gratis books donated to it by Mr. N. Jayaraman, Advocate and former IAS Officer. These includes classics from Philip C Jessup, J.G. Starke, Lord Halisham and Warren F Schwartz just to name a few.

The library offers the reading room services, Circulation (issue/return/re-issue) of books services, reference services and referral services. The university endeavours to enhance the availability of the resources available to it and therefore is in process of procuring more e - resources for the access of the students.

The Library Staff can be contacted at

The University’s Catalogue can be accessed here