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MNLU Mumbai has gained the popular coinage for its full name Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai, and is inching towards certain visibility along with the leaders of the Law Schools in India. The third Foundation Day function (marking the completion of three years) was celebrated on 10th October 2017. The evolving customary foundation lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. N V Varghese, the Vice-Chancellor of National university of Educational Planning and Administration. During the course of his speech, he found that MNLU Mumbai is emerging as a pioneering institution of higher education in law and justice. Prof. Dr. Balraj Chauhan former Vice-Chancellor of two National Law Universities at Bhopal and Lucknow stated that the fledgling MNLU Mumbai has accelerated well enough in so short a period of three years; and felt confident that MNLU Mumbai will set new milestones and act as a power house of law and legal luminaries shaping the law of the nation. The creative potential of legal scholarship at MNLU Mumbai will provide freshness to the eclipsed legal legacy. Prof. Dr. Kesava Rao, the Vice Chancellor of DSNLU, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh said that he is certain, that the unique opportunity for MNLU Mumbai is to rise to the legal needs of diverse legal regime, disciplines that would rewrite the value based legal education in India.

The students, faculty and staff of MNLU Mumbai have learnt the lessons to overcome adverse conditions affecting teaching and learning exercises as the will to forge ahead towards future goals got more and more determined. MNLU Mumbai took birth in a fostered atmosphere of TISS Mumbai; and amused to get educated in the settled best practices of learning. The new born law school joined with TISS to explore the library, internet and the totality of the academic space at Deonar old and new campus. Forever, the name of Professor S Parasuraman, the Director of TISS will remain in golden letters in the books of MNLU Mumbai for his imaginative thought and support to accept the responsibility of fostering a sister university in its true sense. MNLU Mumbai soon grew over two years and decided to move into a much more independent space to accommodate the clinching needs of expansion. This time the Hon’ble Chief Minister suggested that MNLU Mumbai should house, albeit temporarily, at the sprawling campus of MTNL Powai for facilitating as a residential university along with the hostel facilities for the students. Soon the deal was done and MNLU Mumbai shifted to CETTM campus of MTNL at Powai in June 2017. Slowly things are getting to order.  

On 2nd September 2017, at the General Council Meeting the Hon’ble Chancellor Mr. Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde, Judge Supreme Court of India lauded the efforts and progress made by the University and felt the Law University at Mumbai would certainly charter the courses to the visualized trajectory. Newer course models and energetic pedagogic designs will provide the required change that the society of law seeks. He expressed his satisfaction that the State Government shall soon identify the site and land for the permanent campus for the University, and things will decisively shape up.

  The university is now looking forward to its fifth year, which will be a major event for MNLU Mumbai. The founding batch of the students will be graduating and stepping out to take meaningful position in life, office and/or profession. 2020 shall be the year of results to deliver for the University. I am certain that our students are aware of their role and expectations. In every micro and macro plan and action of the University, it has been the endeavor to take the students as partners of the system. We are confident that the students are in the learning mode and grooming to undertake the avowed responsibilities. Whatever the success that the University achieved can be unconditionally dedicated to the students and teachers of the University. MNLU Mumbai is making all out efforts to provide the best of exposure to the legal scholarship and practice. We are thankful and grateful to Mumbai High Court Bench and Bar for their unflinching and continuous support in all our efforts. The more we interact with our students the more we feel confident that our students will be able to carry forward the legacy. We have been exploring the learning and interning methods so that these students will excel without any hand-holding after graduating at MNLU Mumbai.

Jai Hind. Jai MNLU Mumbai! 

Bhavani Prasad Panda

Vice Chancellor