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Centre for Applied Research in Public Health Law, Rights and Policy

    About the Centre

    Centre for Applied Research in Public Health Law, Rights and Policy was established to promote and advance research, scholarship and spread awareness in the areas of public health policies, public health programs and policy reforms in national and global contexts. It was established on 17th May, 2023.

    As an advocate for health legislation reform, healthcare system improvements, and the implementation of health policies, the Centre endeavours to disseminate knowledge about existing policy responses to health challenges and rights concerning health. It also strives to critically analyse health policies to ensure compliance with fundamental rights. The Centre concentrates on a multidisciplinary approach to identifying health law-related challenges and engages in research, debate, and consultation that facilitates effective reforms in the health sector.

    Aims and Objectives

    To undertake research on current health issues and provide policy suggestions to manage them To critically analyse the existing health policies of the government and suggest policy reforms To study in comparative terms health law and policy regimes in other jurisdictions to understand policies and best practices and provide recommendations for any eventual domestic incorporation to the extent suitable To sensitise the public to relevant health issues and encourage and also to spread awareness on health as a fundamental human right. To collaborate with governmental and non-governmental organisations to implement health policies effectively To provide a unique socio-legal perspective on issues of health for all the stakeholders, including patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers To undertake field based and action oriented research to understand and examine the socio-legal challenges pertaining to health

    Faculty Coordinator:

    Mr Amit Kumar,

    Faculty Joint Coordinator:

    Dr. Tanaya Kamalakar


    Convenor: Ms. Prerana Sanjay

    Co-convenor: Ms. Pia Tripathi

    Social Media Head: Ms. Sumedha Kashyap

    Event Coordinator : Mr. Tirthaj Mishra

    Core Research Team (CPHL):

    Ms. Roshni Basu

    Mr. Ninad Ajane

    Ms. Kirthana Shivakumar

    Mr. Ravi Bang

    Contact Details:


    Linkedin:Click here

    Website: Click here to visit the Centre’s official website.