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Mentorship Programme

Yes! That’s the purpose of the Student Mentorship Programme of theMaharashtra National Law University Mumbai. This programme, being a unique feature of the university focuses on the overall development of the student by putting each student under the guidance of the well- experienced teacher. The Mentor is responsible for guiding the student in every facet, providing their share of experience and knowledge. All the issues which might hamper the development of the student which varies from academic help to health issues including leave from the hostel, less attendance, low class participation, home- sickness, etc are well taken care of by their respective mentors. These mentors also guide the students regarding their class participation, co-curricular involvement, internships and the future goals. The Mentorship Programme aims to establish a healthy environment in the university where the students feel homely and comfortable in the presence of a guardian who guides him/her in his/her every step during his academic career.