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Pro-Bono Club

Within the legal community, it is general knowledge that access to justice is the fundamental basic right of every citizen. At the same time, the legal community is also well aware that the current legal structure makes access to legal services an extremely privileged right. This results in many people from underprivileged, underdeveloped, marginalized and vulnerable communities being unable to access the legal information and assistance that they need.

Keeping this in mind, Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai, aims to establish a Pro- Bono Club in the University. This Club will take the legal and academic talent of the University students and match them along with ventures and projects to ensure that justice reaches even the marginalized and most vulnerable communities and people.

The main objectives of the club are:

1. Enrol the students of the University in the Nyaya Bandhu (Pro-Bono Legal Services Club) Programme to assist private and public bodies and persons like Government Departments and lawyers to carry out pro-bono work.

2. To facilitate undertakings and projects to give the students an opportunity to volunteer and work in favour of underprivileged communities. This is done with the aim of actually helping those in need and also allowing the student to explore the intricacies of social work and establish themselves as contributing professionals of society.

3. The Pro-Bono Club will be working on the ‘Assisted Model’ where it will be collaborating with governmental and private organizations; which in turn would improve the efficiency and efficacy of the Club in all its undertakings.

Academic Calendar – Will be provided as and when the administrative processes are complete.


 Dr. Anand Raut (Nodal Officer)

 Mr. Amana Khare (Coordinator)

Pro-Bono Associates for the year 2022-23

 Akash Shirore

 Aryan A. Sarkar

 Dhanashree Kolte

 Kalyani Paunikar

 Radhika Sarukar

 Sangam Ghorpade

 Shreya Vasave

 Shruti Vasave

 Vaishnavi Nagargoje

 Vaishnavi Sharma

 Vedant Vaishali Jayant

 Falguni Suryawanshi