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Centre for Research in Air & Space Law

    About Centre for Research in Air & Space Law

    Air and Space are pressing issues in the realm of International law. International air law deals with many topics, such as hijacking, air pollution, and aerial warfare. Similarly, outer space is a key element in global security and sovereignty. In this direction, MNLU Mumbai established a Centre for Research in Air & Space Law. It shall be a centre for advanced research for those practicing or studying international aerospace law. The objective of the Centre is to contribute to the development of air and space law and related policy by conducting and promoting research and teaching at the graduate and post-graduate levels. The Centre has also set up the ‘International law and Foreign Policy Research Cell’ at MNLU Mumbai.

    Upcming Activities for Research and Studies in Air and Space Law

  • Annual Indian Conference on Air & Space Law and Policy 2022

  • Indian Review of Space and Air Law (Call for papers are out. Visit the website to read more). Read more about our research activities at Click here

  • Visit the Centre’s official website at Click here

    Centre Coordinator:

    Adithya A. Variath,

    Coordinator, Centre for Research in Air and Space Law


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