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The inception of the Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai Library took place on 1 August 2015 with the inaugural of its parent organization Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai. Library strives to build a repository of knowledge base in the form of records, reports, journal, and other documents to aid future research and learning. University library has more than 5500 books and over 892 back volume journals / Law Reports. The Library has subscribed 24 various national and international databases.

Library Timings
Days Timings
Monday – Saturday 09:00 am – 09:00 pm

Library Team

Librarian -Dr. Upamanyu Sengupta – (I/C)

Compositions of library committee

    1. • Registrar (Permanent Invitee)
    2. • Dr. Kiran Rai (Chairperson)
    3. • Dr. Upamanyu Sengupta (Librarian (I/C))
    4. • Dr Anand Raut (Member)
    5. • Mr. Milind Gawai (Member)
    6. • Mr.Abhijit Rohi (Member_
    7. • Ms.Sidra Ahmad (Student Member)
    8. • Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma (Student Member)
    9. • Mr. Siddharth Jasrotia (Student Member)
    10. • Ms. Yashi singh (Student Member)
    11. • Shruti Dhonde (Student Member)
    12. • Gaurav Balpande (Student Member)
    13. • Tanisha Chivate (Student Member)
    14. • Siddhant Jaiswal (Student Member)
    15. • Harshita Sharma (Student Member)
    16. • Shriraj Dusane (Student Member)

    Semi Professional Assistants

    1. Ms. Suhasini Kamble (MLISc)
    2. Mr. Pratap Chavan (MLISc)
    3. Ms. Sanchita Patil (MLISc)

    Library Resources

    MNLU Mumbai Library has subscribed to various national and international databases. The list of these databases and links to access them are given below.

    S.No. Database Name Link
    1 SCC Online Click Here
    2 Hein Online Click Here
    3 Manupatra Click Here
    4 Oxford Competition Law Click Here To Access Books Titles Click Here
    5 Oxford Constitutional Law Click Here To Access Books Titles Click Here
    6 ORIL-International Law Click Here ORIL is divided into seven modules Click Here
    7 OLRL-LEGAL RESEARCH LIBRARY Click Here OLRL is divided into four modules. To Access Books Titles: Click Here
    8 IC-INVESTMENT CLAIMS Click Here To Access Books Titles Click Here
    9 Oxford Law Citator Click Here
    10 Proview (E-books) Click Here
    11 Westlaw Click Here
    12 Taxmann Click Here
    13 Kluwer Arbitration Click Here
    14 Kluwer Competition Law Click Here
    15 JSTOR Full package Click Here
    16 Lexis Nexis Click Here
    17 EBC Reader Click Here

    Library has also subscribed to 10 National & International print journals. The university has also been fortunate enough to host a collection of around 8000 donated books and hardbound journals from eminent personalities. The total books in library are around 14000.

    Services offered by MNLU Mumbai Library are as below
    1. Circulation
    2. Digital Library
    3. Reference and Referral Services
    4. Database Services
    5. New Paper and Periodical Services
    6. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) - Click Here
    7. Iibrary Manual Click Here

    Contact Details

    For further queries and support, do not hesitate to write to us at